Aseman Iranian Aviation Training Center

Aseman Iranian Aviation Training Center was established in 1392 with a 100% private sector investment in a fully functional environment at Payam international Airport (Alborz Province) and now as the largest, most advanced and most complete aviation training center in the country in The fields of pilot training, Cabin Crew Training,flight dispatch, basic and type maintenance training(B1&B2)  are active in the branches of Tehran, Alborz, Mazandaran, Fars & etc. and By using the appropriate infrastructure, well-codified planning and using up-to-date knowledge and attracting committed and specialized personnel, it will be considered as one of the aviation training centers in the region..


Development for expanding knowledge, skills, reforming the education pyramid of the labor force, improving the capability of human capital, reducing the gap between the level of knowledge and skills of the labor force with the world standard level of aviation industry .


We strive to maintain the values ​​of cooperation, perseverance and responsibility, moves forward to our company development and in all stages, quality,    safety and compliance with international standards are our supporting arms.


۱- possibility of studying in your hometown or the nearest city where you live, according to the geographical extent of the Iranian Aseman branches

۲- Possibility of training by selected designation and instructors of the Civil Aviation Organization

۳-possibility of training by the most experienced industry professors with more than 25 years of experience

۴-possibility of flying with the latest training aircraft in the world and the most professional instructors pilot

۵- Practical training using the special equipment of the training center

۶- Guarantee the lowest price

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